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Homemade farm products:

Minimum of pesticides and toxic substances

Small farmers use a minimum of hazardous substances, because there is no need to transport products from warehouse to warehouse

Minimum hormonal substances

The use of hormones is the prerogative of large farmers for supermarkets. There you need large fruits and - several times a year. And small eco-farmers only have one season

Maximum nutrients

All living things in places where many poisons are sprinkled are dying (moles, mice, etc.), therefore, only natural products with a scent contain vitamins.

All money goes directly to the small farmer

Growing without chemicals is extremely hard work and, ultimately, a high probability of crop failure.

Delivery - to your home

The farmer brings food to the house - by agreement and, if there is an option - 'delivery' in the profile

Low price

Farm products are not sold at wholesalers, as they cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, they are sold - without intermediaries - hence the price.

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Home farm products

Valid - now there are even many household products that are processed with pesticides and nitrates, BUT the probability of finding a clean product on the household is much greater.

Why do we love homemade farm products from the countryside?

  1. Minimum of pesticides and toxic substances . Everyone knows that the number of cancer patients is growing every day (in Europe, 6th part of deaths are from CANCER !!!), and where this trend comes from - nobody knows .
  2. Minimum hormonal substances , which are added to products, including milk and dairy products.
  3. Minimum genetically modified of these goods , which are outwardly beautiful, because they are stuffed with preservatives, and inside they do not have nutrients.
  4. Delivery to your home (agree with the neighbors about the minimum wholesale, thereforethat there is a limitation - the minimum order for delivery to the outlet).
  5. Low price . Unlike homemade products, it takes a lot of money to produce goods from Wholesale Bases for all this agro-chemistry and marketing and delivery.
  6. All money goes directly in small farmer that will receive a decent wage for his labor, instead of selling to wholesale for "pittance ".
  7. Maximum nutrients because everything is grown in a natural environment.


  1. home end consumers
  2. small farms
  3. small and medium REALIZERS



  1. Open and understandable to set MARKET FAIR PRICE for your products - you see the prices of other farmers;
  3. understand how save on shipping if you cooperate with other farmers.


  1. Purchase quality goods directly;
  2. Get PRODUCTS - directly from the garden, GMO-free;
  3. Get reasonable prices;
  4. Don't wait in lines at wholesalers looking for a product.


  1. expand the CLIENT base
  2. FIND NEW distribution channels

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