Дата: 2020-10-19

Why post photos for each batch?

Each fruit and batch of HOME product has < strong> different appearance as homemade products are very different from each other and do not have the same size, color or any damage.

Therefore, the client should evaluate First of all in appearance the attractiveness of the product he needs - and understand whether it is commercial or home

How can you define natural goods by appearance?

In natural products that have not been treated with pesticides, there are several common features that can be identified by their appearance:

- No the same out sizes

- No identical colors

- The presence of spoilage and holes left by either weeds or Pests.

How can you determine if the product is natural when you first inspect it?

Natural products not covered preservatives and grown without the use of a huge number of pesticides have common features:

- They have a pronounced Natural aroma

- After two days they have a softer structure To the touch

- In a few days, those products that were a little rotten will breed Moshkara

- Natural products have at least one out of 10, but some kind of spoilage and rottenness is absolutely normal and is IMPORTANT a sign that the product is truly natural

How to identify Insecticides in a product:

AND nsecticides are Poisons that poison insects and pests. They have a common feature - the complete absence of any pests affecting the appearance and structure of the vegetable .

For example:

- no visible damage from insects on vegetables and fruits

- no midges two days after the vegetable began to rot a little

All this may indicate that the product contains a lot of pesticide residues.

What nitrates in products can be dangerous?

Nitrates themselves containin any product both natural and unnatural . The nitrogen contained in nitrates is the basis for the growth of plants and our body . Therefore, nitrates themselves, like salts, are not dangerous. The danger arises when inorganic nitrates are abused - using them in fertilizers, and then when they enter our body, they turn into nitrites , which, in turn, are particularly Toxic.

Therefore, nitrate fertilizers by themselves as salts do not pose any danger if they are used in normal quantities, so only organic fertilizers cannot contain overdose .

Therefore, nitrate meters in our opinion, they have little effect on the level of environmental friendliness of the product - the worst thing is that what is now in our modern products are specific Poisons (pesticides) that kill both insects and plants.