Farmed organic eco fruits

Farmed organic eco fruits

Fruits in most countries of the world are mainly from southern countries. If the climate allows, you need to harvest up to three harvests per year .

Farming eco fruits

Therefore, many supplying countries, where there is a humid and warm climate all year round, occupy up to 70% of markets (fruit and vegetable) in many countries.

As with vegetables and fruits, there is one biggest problem and danger for the crop - fungal diseases such as Scab, late blight, and many others.

As a basis for the fight against these fungal diseases, toxic substances for humans - Fungicides are also used. all major Agro corporations .

Homemade farm eco fruits In households, these fungal diseases are often fought manually , But if we talk about plots in hundreds hectare commercial large agro-holdings, then naturally this is done with fungicide and antibiotic treatment Since it is simply impossible to process such territories manually in a short time - Spores will simply be destroyed and nothing will grow, And fungi infect hectares in a matter of weeks.

Also in all commercial (non-domestic) fruits are used for transportation and preservation- preservatives , etching out all bacteria. The most popular is sulfur dioxide gas (gas E220) - K which is also toxic to humans.

It is a strong antibacterial substance that allows processing huge warehouses in a gaseous state and storing fruit for months.

Therefore, today, using homemade fruits, you can safely assume that all these toxic substances are used to a minimum. Accordingly, giving them to your children in a fresh, unprocessed form, you get them - a minimum.