Everyone knows about the benefits of fresh berries, which are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins. They strengthen the immune system, affect the level hemoglobin, blood sugar, improve vision, and after the winter cold they cope well with vitamin deficiency.

В a day without harm to health, you can eat 1-2 glasses of berries (this is about 200-400 g) and better in the morning.

Berries benefit choice


  1. The berries can contain pathogens of intestinal infections, so you should always wash them, even if they seem to be completely clean.
  2. Rinse the berries or keep them in water not too long because of their consistency, but Before this, sort out spoiled or green ones.
  3. We free strawberries, raspberries, strawberries from their tails not before washing, but after.

All this affects not only the taste, but also the level of useful content.

Please note that:

* berries can cause allergies due to due to its saturation with vitamins and other substances,

* acid in berries can negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, destroy tooth enamel,

* if you combine berries with the use of other products, you can provokeь fermentation in the stomach and intestines.

Berry selection

 Usefully choose:

  • pay attention to the view - without traces of rottenness, even,
  • unripe berries can lead to stomach upset, we buy only ripe ones. berries that have left the stalk stay fresh longer,
  • berries have the ability to accumulate toxins, those collected from roads or from bushes treated with chemicals will not be particularly useful.
  • you shouldn't chase berries too early and brought from far away - they can be treated with different chemicals (for safety and against fungi).

When fresh berries are out of season, dried or frozen are a good alternative. They have much more vitamins and benefits than imported berries or fruits.