About us

Дата: 2020-10-19

The idea of ​​the resource 24tov.com was born when studying the problems of sellers of vegetable products.

The market is monopolized by wholesale bases and imported products, at a time when their own producers lose their business by hundreds.

We decided to try to help producers of natural Agro products - Go directly to the sellers of vegetables and fruits.

We are a team of specialists who want the village to flourish and our children received not commercial poisons in natural products, but real vitamins.

About 30 people took part in the very idea of ​​creating our resource. people:

- farmer

- sellers of fruits and vegetables

- sellers of Agro chemistry

- Vegans and vegetarians

Who this resource is intended for:

- Eco-Farmers Growing products with a minimum content of pesticides, nitrates, Poisons, hormones, preservatives and the rest;

- Vendors of vegetables and fruits products;

- Agrochemistry sellers;

- People who are going to open a business "eco-farming";

- Moms, vegetarians, Vegans, healthy people.

- Everyone who really wants to (!! !) healthy food

The site was developed by several people and its functionality was based on the real needs of people to optimize logistics and choose really natural products.

Today the site is just a "demo version" of a really large resource, in which everyone who participates in the business of selling and producing eco agricultural products will find significantly more opportunities for themselves. Follow the news!