E220 preservative: application and toxicity

Дата: 2020-10-17

In addition to the harm from pesticides, another danger is the processing of products with preservatives. Fruits and vegetables can be stored for too long, are transported to It is logical that at the same time it is impossible to preserve the appearance of freshly picked and not rot without outside interference.

In such cases, artificial food preservative E220 ( sulfur dioxide) . It is a gas with a rather repulsive smell of hydrogen sulfide.

E220 main purpose:

As a result, imported fruits, for example apples, can be preserved without spoilage for almost a whole year !!! . Natural local fruits and vegetables will not be able to lie down for so long and will gradually start to deteriorate. But! those that are processed, although they will lie down longer, but immediately after the expiration of the period of exposure to chemicals, they will very quickly lose their appearance and deteriorate, often accompanied by rather strange odors.

Processed dried fruits e220

Sulfur dioxide is highly toxic.

  1. If it gets on the mucous membranes, it can provoke a runny nose, hoarseness and perspiration, a state of choking, coughing and vomiting.

  2. In case of severe poisoning, there is a loss of orientation in space and problems with speech.

  3. In addition to destroying vitamins in fruits, it destroys important vitamins B1 and B12 in the human body

  4. Among other things, sulfur dioxide pollutes the atmosphere (acid rain).

  5. Main risk group:

    * allergy sufferers,

    * asthmatics,

    * people with gastrointestinal diseases.

    Several large medical centers in Canada and the USA, as well as WHO, have identified E220 as one of the 10 leading allergens in the world .

    The fact that the fruits were treated with sulfur dioxide can be understood by their appearance - they have too shiny and bright surface.

    Sulfur dioxide treatment

    Е220 processing

    You can reduce the likelihood of poisoning with such products as follows:

    • it is very good to wash fresh fruits, berries, vegetables,

    • it will not be superfluous to soak food in cold water before use, then rinse well,

    • peel off fruits and vegetables,

    • add to your diet foods containing vitamin B1 (nuts, oatmeal, buckwheat).

    Large manufacturers say that observing the permissible standards for the use of chemicals, there are no risks to consumer health, but where can we get guarantees that these requirements are met? are they? Therefore, people need to consciously choose in favor of high-quality natural products.