Fungicides- toxicity and protection against them

Дата: 2020-10-17

One of the main problems in growing vegetables and fruits is diseases that significantly reduce the possible yield.

Fungal diseases (such as late blight and scab) - can kill from 30 to 80 in 10 days % of the crop, so most AGRO companies use extremely toxic drugs - fungicides to protect against them, and cover them both before and after the formation of the fruit.

The main large-scale dangerous plant diseases that cause microscopic fungi and bacteria are late blight and scab . They mainly affect nightshade crops (potatoes, tomatoes), fruittrees (apples, pears, cherries, apricots) and shrubs (gooseberries, currants), which significantly reduce the yield.


To kill these fungi and bacteria, toxic chemicals, fungicides .

Fungicide is one of the most dangerous and most commonly used types of pesticides , which cannot be compared in terms of cheapness, speed and effectiveness of others pest control methods.

When fighting one, chemicals accumulate in plant tissues, crops and fruits. The longer the action of the poison in the soil, the greater the likelihood of getting harmful things with food to a person.

Fungicide is toxic , and like any pesticide in large quantities it causes severe diseases :

● cancer

● Alzheimer's disease

● hyperactivity syndrome in children

● malfunctions of the nervous system

● metabolic disorders

● slowing down of cellular metabolism

● accumulating in the human intestines, they slowly poison the entire body.


(In the photo - Late blight of tomatoes)

Thus, the whole value of vegetables and fruits, as a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, is often superseded by the danger that using fungicides when growing them.

To minimize the ingestion of pesticides into the body, it is necessary: ​​

  1. peeling with a possible impervious film of toxic substances,
  2. washing vegetables and fruits in running hot and cold water,
  3. brief soaking of fruits in clean cold water before use,
  4. greens can be soaked in a strong saline solution for 30 minutes and rinsed with clean water,
  5. boiling water to remove wax,
  6. heat treatment ( when we cook, fry, bake, we contribute to the decomposition of harmful substances)

Pesticides (including fungicides) are one of the methods of increasing the profitability of agricultural corporations. The fact that people want and are ready to buy all year round fruits, berries, vegetables "beautiful " in appearance, and creates the preconditions for the use of pesticides

Still, it is in our hands to make a difference. To do this: